Easy Four Ingredient Pulled Pork


Easy Four Ingredient Pulled Pork

This recipe is super easy and low fat to boot! You only need to do a small amount of prep, and the crock pot practically does all the rest. This recipe can easily be made gluten free by using gluten free barbeque sauce and chili powder. The pork is naturally gluten free, and Hunts tomato sauce does not have any gluten containing ingredients. If you have Celiac’s disease, you may want to use a different tomato sauce. Always check the product labels on a frequent basis to ensure they are gluten free.


1 pound boneless center cut pork chops
1 eight ounce can Hunts tomato sauce – basil, garlic and oregano flavor
1/4 cup barbeque sauce
2 tbsp. chili powder



Place tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, chili powder and one cup of water in a bowl. Stir until blended. Put pork chops in a slow cooker. Pour liquid mixture over the meat. Cover, and set on low. Cook for eight hours.

Take two forks and pull the pork into bite sized pieces. Add  1/2 cup water and continue cooking the pork on low for another two hours. Serve the pulled pork on your favorite rolls with a side of rice or potatoes.

Makes two to three generous servings.


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