Eliminating Vacation Hassles


While going on vacation is fun, it can be stressful at the same time. Here are some tips to help eliminate vacation hassles.

Plan ahead! Planning ahead is the most obvious strategy, yet many people fail to do this. The most important thing to do before booking your vacation is making sure you have pet care in place. There are few things more stressful than having to scramble to find a pet sitter at the last minute. Other necessary arrangements that should be made in advance are finding someone to pick up your mail and water any houseplants while you are away.

Do your research. Make sure to research your vacation destination thoroughly. Researching the average daily temperature will help you figure out what type of clothing to pack. Doing this early will ensure you have plenty of time to make any clothing purchases. If you or someone in your family has food allergies, research area restaurants. Call ahead to speak with restaurant staff regarding their ability to accommodate special dietary requirements. Another thing that is helpful to research is the availability of drugstores and/or grocery stores near your vacation destination. This will prevent you from having to pay an exorbitant price for a forgotten item. It will also help you with packing. Knowing you can purchase toiletries at yor destination will help you save space.

Use a buffer zone. One thing I have found handy is scheduling a buffer day the day before I leave for vacation as well as one the day after I am due to return. These extra days help me accommodate last minute changes in travel plans, give me time to pack/unpack and help me adjust to jet lag.

Be ahead of the pack! Start packing early. At least two weeks before your vacation, get out all the luggage for you and your family members. Place each family member’s luggage in his/her bedroom. This will give family members a visual to get them in “packing mode.” At this time, start transferring your clothes to the luggage, using your bags as a temporary storing place. It is just as easy pulling clothes out of a suitcase as it is pulling them out of a drawer. If you wear the clothes before your vacation, launder them and return them to the bags. That way you are almost completely packed before you leave. Another handy tip is to give each family member a rectangular shaped plastic container (with a lid) to contain all the toiletries that won’t fit in a carry-on bag.

Follow these tips, and you can eliminate a lot of vacation hassles. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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