A Few of My Favorite Homemaking Things


Let’s face it, homemaking isn’t always easy! During my years as a homemaker, I have tried many products to help me maintain an efficient household. Here are some of my favorites!

  • Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner. I am tough on vacuums. I have gone through a dozen vacuums throughout the years, but the best by far is the Shark Navigator Lift Away. Not only is it light and easy to carry, it has powerful suction as well. The bagless feature allows you to see how much dirt you are picking up, and regular emptying keeps odors away. The small brush attachment is great for pet hair. I use it to vacuum the couch and bedspread. Perhaps this vacuum’s best feature is the ease at which you can replace parts. As long as the motor core component works, you can order replacements for all the other parts; essentially you can have an almost brand new vacuum. This take apart quality allows for easy cleaning. I wash the dirt cup and filter every four weeks. The Shark Navigator Lift Away is perfect if you or your family members have allergies.
  • Crock Pot by Crock Pot. This slow cooker is roomy and durable. My first one lasted 12 years! Not only does the Crock Pot save you time, it saves you money. Slow cooking makes meat more tender so you can buy less expensive cuts. I spray my crockpot with non-stick cooking spray so a quick rinse and wipe is all that is needed before it goes in the dishwasher.
  • George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill. I love to grill, but sometimes the weather outside makes it a little difficult. With the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill, I can have the best of both worlds! I don’t even have to worry about using charcoal and lighter fluid, so it is so much safer. All I have to do is plug it in! Instead of a grate, this appliance has a grill pan. For easy clean up, I put foil down on the grill pan and spray that with non-stick cooking spray. When I am done grilling, all I have to do is toss the foil!
  • Clorox Wipes. I love these for quick clean ups. Unlike other brands, these don’t leave behind a filmy residue. I keep a container handy in the kitchen and in each bathroom.
  • Furminator. I love dogs! Shedding, not so much. I think this tool is the greatest thing since sliced bread! For maximum effectiveness, pair it with the Furminator shampoo. By using both products together, I now spend 75% less time cleaning up pet hair.
  • Libman Wonder Mop. I don’t care for the Swiffer. The cleaning pads always leave a sticky residue on my floor, not to mention how expensive they are. The Libman Wonder Mop is light, easy to wring out, and I can even wash the mop head in the washing machine after I use it. When the mop head starts to wear out, I just buy a replacement; no need to buy a whole new mop. The best part of all is that I can use my choice of cleaning solution.
  • Vitamix. Once you go Vitamix, you will never go back! This blender is so powerful, it can liquefy seeds! You can even prepare and cook soup in it. It is definitely pricey, but worth the investment.
  • Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker. This is so handy when you need to make a quick dinner. What I like most is that there are so many variations: even dessert quesadillas. For example, use flour tortillas and apple pie filling. An additional plus is that quesadillas are bound to please all, from kids to adults.
  • Sylvania Omelet Maker. Never worry about having to flip an omelet again! This appliance ensures that omelets are cooked evenly. And clean-up is a snap! I just use a damp paper towel.
  • Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel. Yes, I am one of those people who don’t use a Keurig. I save a lot of money by not having to buy K-cups. However, there have been a lot of times when I broke the glass carafes and had to hunt down replacements. That is why I love this coffee maker. The carafe is steel! I haven’t had to replace a carafe in years. Another plus is that the steel keeps the coffee warm when the burner is off.

So those are a few of my favorite homemaking things. Now, if they could just invent the self-cleaning house, that would really make my homemaking dreams come true! Until next time, happy homemaking!

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