The Five Best Products to Buy at the Drugstore


For some of the best deals, you need not look any further than your neighborhood drugstore. Many drugstores offer sales on select items to get customers in the door. The theory behind this marketing approach is that once shoppers are in the store, they will purchase some of the higher priced items. The key to using this to your advantage is to “drugstore hop”; purchasing only those items that are on sale. Continue reading to find out what are the best products to buy in the drugstore.

Canned tuna. When I say tuna, I mean premium albacore; not the inexpensive chunk light. One 5 ounce can of brand name solid white albacore tuna costs $1.59 at my grocery store. At drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens, I can often get it on sale for $.99! Drugstore sales run in cycles (about 4 weeks). Stock up on enough of a supply to last until the next sales cycle.

Soda. The price for a 12 can pack of my favorite soda is $4.99 at my grocery store. By shopping at drugstores, I am able to purchase brand name soda for as low as $2.50 for a 12 pack. Several drugstores offer reward dollars or points to be used for another purchase. Even if a particular item isn’t on sale, it might be worth purchasing it to get the rewards. A lot of times, you can get the second purchase for free!

Seasonal Candy. Another marketing strategy drugstores use to attract shoppers is to offer discounted seasonal candy. Maximize these savings by using coupons. Some drugstores have store coupons that you can pair with manufacturer’s coupons. I rarely ever pay more than $2.00 for a 12 ounce bag of M&Ms. You can really “clean up” by waiting to buy candy after a particular holiday; when it is on clearance.

Cosmetics. I always buy my make-up at the drugstore. Almost weekly, the drugstore circulars are full of sales on make-up. Often times, these are buy one get one half off. By combining the sale with coupons and rewards, you can get cosmetic items at rock bottom prices!

Snack Foods. Drugstores are treasure troves when it comes to snack foods. Many drugstores offer generic brands that are of comparable quality to the big names. In addition, they tend to offer smaller sized packages. This is extremely helpful when you are using a coupon. Contrary to popular belief, you often can save more money by combining a coupon with the smallest sized package. One major drugstore chain has regular “Ten for $10” sales, making it easy to stock up!

Combined with couponing and comparison shopping, drugstore shopping is yet another effective money saving method. Until next time, happy homemaking!

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