Five of My Least Favorite Homemaking Moments


Every job has it’s share of bad moments; the ones that make you want to quit. Here are five of my least favorite homemaking moments.

Doggy do mishap. It is always a joy to wake up in the morning only to step right into a pile of dog vomit. The only thing I find to be less enjoyable, is stepping in a pile of poo.

The rogue ballpoint pen. I know I am going to have a bad day of homemaking when I discover a pen that has made it into the dryer; especially if the dryer is full of a load of whites.

Repairman gone AWOL It is so frustrating waiting hours for a repairman. It’s tough to resist the urge to sneak in a quick shower while you are waiting. Unfortunately, odds are that the repairman always arrives when you are in a towel, dripping wet.

Power on, NOT! This is the stuff that homemaking nightmares are made of. The power goes out when you are expecting company for dinner. There is nothing like having an expensive roast festering in a lukewarm oven.

Plunger dash. This one tops the list of my all time least favorite homemaking moments. The toilet starts to overflow when it dawns on you that the plunger is in another area of the house. So you do the fifty yard dash. Unfortunately, all that running is futile as the toilet has already overflowed.

While these homemaking moments make me want to run for the hills, there are many good ones that make me want to stay. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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