Homemakers’ Bill of Rights


As homemakers, we aren’t afforded the same rights as paid workers. Ever wonder what our bill of rights would look like?

The Homemakers’ Bill of Rights

From this point forward, the word “we” will be used to refer to homemakers as a whole. This includes stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, stay-at-home wives, stay-at-home husbands and homemakers in a domestic partnership.

1) We shall be equal in status to other workers regardless of the fact that the work we perform is unpaid.

2) We shall be entitled to the same amount of time off as our paid counterparts.

3) We are entitled to a safe workplace free from discrimination and harrassment.

4) We have the right to ask for and receive help as needed.

5) We shall have equal financial decision making abilities as our non-homemaking spouses/partners.

6) We are entitled to complain about our jobs as much as our paid counterparts.

7) We can not be held responsible for a temper outburst resulting from being asked “What do you do all day?”

8) We reserve the right to go on strike at any time.

9) We shall not be expected to perform all household duties by ourselves merely because we are the stay-at-home spouse/partner.

10) We are entitled to the same amount of dignity and respect as our paid counterparts.

It is not likely there will ever be a formal homemakers’ bill of rights, but there is no harm in wondering.  Until next time, Happy Homemaking!





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