Monday Money Saving Tip – Convenience Can Be Costly


Let’s face it; life is busy. There are a wide variety of products that are designed with the purpose of saving time. Unfortunately, the bulk of these are expensive and in direct conflict with your goal of saving money. Check out today’s money saving tip to make sure convenience isn’t becoming too costly.

Evaluate your need for convenience products. Before shelling out your hard earned cash, take some time to evaluate your true needs for those time saving products. A great deal of those products only give the illusion of saving time. Take for example, the Swiffer. I used one of these for years before realizing it doesn’t take much longer to fill a bucket with water and use a traditional mop. I actually end up with a cleaner floor as the Swiffer cleaning solution leaves a film. I now use a mop with a mophead that is replaceable. My favorite by far is the Libman Wonder mop. I can even throw the mophead in the washer! When I do need too purchase a replacement (about every six months), it costs me about the same as one pack of Swiffer pads.

Try some new time management strategies. Evaluate whether you are truly short on time or if you just need to develop new time saving skills. If you are using convenience products so you can spend more time playing Candy Crush, perhaps a switch in priorities is in order. For example, when cleaning the floor, put all those distracting electronic devices in a drawer. Approach household tasks like you would any job; wait until you are finished before checking your cell phone. If you are one who uses one of those expensive Keurig coffee makers, try building more time into your morning routine.If you find you like the one cup at a time feature, purchase a reusable pod filter. For tea and hot chocolate, use the appliance for making hot water. Keep single tea bags and packets of hot chocolate on hand.

I always say, it’s all about perception. Sometimes people think they are saving time when in reality they aren’t. Try these strategies to make sure convenience products aren’t interfering with you saving money. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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