Monday Money Saving Tip – Don’t Wipe Out All Your Cash!


As the weather continues to get warmer, it is likely your dog(s) will be spending more time outside. Odds are your dog(s) will get a little dirty and be in need of a quick wipe down. Don’t reach for an expensive pet wipe! Try these cheaper alternatives.

The price of pet wipes starts at $4.00. The average container of pet wipes is also quite small. Chances are you will be on your last wipe before you finish your doggie wipe down. For a more cost effective solution, try an unscented baby wipe. Whether you buy the generic or brand name, you will still save quite a bit of money. Many major brands offer coupons, saving you even more.

Another product I love to use is Johnson’s Head to Toe Washcloths. They are disposable washcloths that contain Johnson’s baby wash. I use these to give my dog a sponge bath if a baby wipe won’t cut the muster. I simply fill a small bucket with warm water then wet a washcloth and wipe the dog. As I rinse and repeat, the soap dissolves in the water. I follow this with a towel dry.

Keeping your dog(s) clean doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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