Monday Money Saving Tip – Get Your Thrifty On!


Monday Money Saving Tip – Get Your Thrifty On!

When saving money, sometimes you need be creative. Being thrifty isn’t something I learned overnight. Here is a money saving tip you can add to your arsenal.

Think outside of the box, especially when it comes to shopping. Thrift stores have been gaining popularity in the last few years. In addition to the small independent shops, there are now large chains such as the Goodwill and Volunteers of America. Thrift stores are literally a gold mine for certain items on your shopping list. I head to the thrift stores for saving money on such items as vases, picture frames, end tables, baskets, lawn decorations, wall art and dishes. Recently I remodeled my bathroom. When I needed to find some decorative vases, I headed straight to the thrift store, saving myself at least $40! If you have kids, thrift stores offer such items as puzzles, toys, books and costumes.

In your quest for saving money, make sure to also take advantage of garage sales. Show up on the first day at opening for the best money saving opportunities and a crack at the best items. Bargain with the seller for discounts off the listed prices. Many times the seller will take your offer because he/she has a limited time to get rid of the inventory.

Like the old adage, someone else’s trash can be someone’s treasure, literally. A friend of mine goes to local thrift stores and garage sales regularly in search of items she can resell at a higher value: antiques and jewelry. Not only is she saving money, she is actually making a profit.

In the game of saving money, every penny counts. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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