Monday Money Saving Tip – Price Awareness


Couponing alone is not guaranteed to save you the most money. Price Awareness is key!

The biggest mistake most people make when trying to save money is relying on coupons alone. If you don’t have price awareness, you might just end up paying more! How does one become price aware? Follow these simple tips!

Invest in the Sunday paper. Review all circulars in the Sunday paper. For each item of interest, compare the price at a variety of stores. If you have a coupon, factor that into the decision. Also consider eligibility for rebates from electric couponing apps such as Ibotta, SavingStar and Checkout 51. Some drugstores offer reward dollars for a future purchase. A seemingly high price can be lowered significantly using a variety of tactics. For more couponing tips and strategies, read my previous post, Grocery Shop to Save Money.

Use price apps. Check to see if all your go-to stores offer apps. My favorite grocery store has an app that allows me to look up an item’s price instantaneously. These apps can save you time travelling to and from each store to physically check a particular item’s price. Walgreens, Rite Aid and DVD offer apps that allow you to view their weekly sale circulars and create shopping lists for each store.

Plan ahead. Most stores run sales in cyclical patterns. For example, my favorite drugstore runs sales on tuna every month, so I use this opportunity to stock up. I also plan my meals according to what items are on sale for the week.

Use these strategies, and you will be a money saving champ! Until next time, Happy Homemaking!


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