Monday Money Saving Tip – Slash Prescription Costs


When saving money, every little bit counts. Check out today’s Monday money saving tip!

Are you saddled by the burden of high prescription costs? The rising cost of health care makes saving money a necessity. Having medical insurance is only the first line of defense, and prescription copays can still be quite high. Several drug manufacturers now offer money saving coupons on their websites. It only takes a minute of your time! I save over $100 a month taking advantage of these money saving offers. For example, a one month supply of Zegerid would normally cost me $90. Zegerid will pay up to $100 if the consumer pays the first $10! Therefore, I save $80 monthly on this medication alone. Some manufacturers offer additional savings for patients who meet certain income guidelines. Make a list of all your prescriptions and check the websites of each manufacturer.

A few minutes of your time can help with saving money on prescription costs. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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