Monday Money Saving Tip: Sometimes More is Less


In the game of saving money, every penny counts. Try this easy money saving tip!

We all know the famous saying…”Less is more.” While this applies to a lot of situations, there are times when more is definitely less. Buying in bulk is an effective way of saving money. Now, I am not saying you should buy everything in large quantities. Buy those things you know you will use. Examples of some things you might want to buy in bulk are cleaning supplies, frozen foods and canned goods. Be careful of purchasing perishable items in bulk unless you know you will use them up by their expiration date. One thing I buy in bulk is Clorox wipes. The price for one 75 count canister is $4.99 at my grocery store. The four pack retails for $10.99! This means each individual canister is only costing me $2.75, a savings of 45%!

For the deepest discounts, join wholesale clubs such as Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s. Comparing prices and using coupons will ensure you get the best deal. Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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