Monday Money Saving Tip – Brand Loyalty Pays Off


When saving money, every little bit counts. Check out today’s Monday money saving tip!

If you drink Coke products on a regular basis, you can register online for a rewards account. Each Coke product you purchase has a code: on bottle caps, the tear-offs on 12 packs of cans and on multi-pack wraps. Go to My Coke Rewards and sign up for a free account. Next, you enter the codes from your Coke products.

As you accumulate points, you can cash them in for rewards such as gift cards, coupons for Coke products, magazine subscriptions, t-shirts, etc. As you keep saving, you earn special status upgrades that let you cash your points in for bigger and better prizes. By saving points for a full year, my husband was able to get a free MP3 player. I have used my points to save money by cashing them in for magazine subscriptions, coupons for flowers, and gift cards. You can even use your points to donate to charity. So whether you keep these rewards for yourself or give them to others, you can’t beat this money saving tip!

Until next time, Happy Homemaking!

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