Opportunities to Make Money from Home


Are you finding that you want to make some money in your spare time? A quick internet search reveals multiple ads for work-at-home jobs. How do you know which ones are for real and will actually help you make money? Here are some that I have tested personally.

Elance. Elance is a website that connects job seekers with freelance opportunities. All you need to get started, is register and create a profile. The freelance opportunities range from marketing to writing, and jobs are posted continually. When you see a job you are interested in, you create a brief proposal and bid. You can work as much as your schedule allows. Elance deducts a 8.75% fee from your earnings. Payment is handled through PayPal or a check. This is a perfect opportunity to keep your skills current!

Slice The Pie. Get paid to listen to music! Slice The Pie is a website that features music by new artists. As a registered user, you will be given a variety of songs to review. The money you earn isn’t a whole lot: $.05 to $.15 per song, but it is fun! The payment amount is based on the length and quality of the review. Make sure to read the site rules carefully. Repetitive, duplicate and non-constructive reviews might result in your account being locked. Payment is handled through PayPal.

Rover.com. Do you love dogs? Rover.com is a website that connects dog owners with dog sitters in their local area. Get started by registering and creating a profile. When creating a profile, you will be allowed to set rates and specify preferences (for example, only crate trained dogs). You can choose to dog sit in your home and/or travel to the owner’s home. As a registered dog sitter, you are covered under Rover.com’s basic insurance for things like emergency vet bills and property damage. Their fee is 15% of your boarding fee. My profile was only active one day, and I got a request! I am booked as sitter for Easter weekend.

Offer your own service. If you have a specific skill or service, consider using this as a way to make money. I used to teach piano. Keep in mind that there is a big demand for homemaking services such as cooking, cleaning and errand running. Getting started is as simple as putting an ad on Craigslist.

Cash Crate. The jury is still out on this one. Cash Crate is a website that pays you to try offers and complete surveys. I just started experimenting with Cash Crate. I find that they ask for a lot of personal information, which is needed for you to try the offers. If you decide to try Cash Crate, keep in mind you will get a large amount of emails (which I unsubscribe from after my account gets credited). When they ask for a phone number, I give them my unused Magic Jack number. That way, I am not getting telemarketing calls on my cell. The surveys seem to be easier to complete and pay more on a consistent basis, so you might want to choose that option. You can claim payment when your account balance is at least $20. The payment is handled by PayPal and check. I only have $7.10 in my account, so I haven’t been paid yet.

Earning a little extra money in your spare time can be a rewarding experience, and can help provide a much needed break from the monotony of homemaking. Until next time, happy homemaking!

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