How to Repurpose All Those Leftover Easter Items


Do you have a lot of leftover items from Easter? Don’t throw them away! Repurpose them! Here are some ideas.

  • Jelly Beans Put the jelly beans in a glass jar. Use them to play “Guess how many are in the jar?” at upcoming children’s parties or barbeques. Or use them for party favors. Pick out all the red, white and blue ones to serve as a garnish for Fourth of July or Memorial Day desserts.
  • Chocolate. Chop up chocolate Easter bunnies to use for pancakes, muffins or cookies. Use the Hershey kisses to make some peanut butter blossoms, or peanut butter cups to make peanut butter cup cookies. There are a multitude of recipes you can find through Google. M&Ms make a great substitute for chocolate chips. Use the pastel M&Ms and Reeses pieces to make baby or wedding shower favors. Party supply stores offer a wide variety of favor containers.
  • Marshmallow chicks and bunnies. Set aside any unopened packages. Bring them out again for barbecue season, using them in place of regular marshmallows for s’mores and hot cocoa.
  • Gift bags and ribbons. Anything without a bunny can be re-used to decorate shower or Mother’s Day gifts.
  • Baskets. Use those baskets without handles to put a touch of spring in your house. Put one in your bathroom to hold hand towels. Use the larger ones to hold odds and ends and/or magazines. Baskets also make excellent containers for gifts.
  • Boxes of Jello. Use those pastel colors to make desserts for baby and wedding showers. One of my favorite recipes is Finger Jello by The Pioneer Woman (click here for the recipe). In this recipe, she uses Christmas colors, but you can use any colors you desire. Another one of my favorite Jello recipes is Jello Pinwheels (click here for the recipe). This recipe is fun, easy to make and perfect for any occasion!
  • Plastic eggs. Plastic eggs can be repurposed as mini storage containers. Use them to store small items such as paper clips, stamps, buttons, beads, etc. These also work well for those extra small Lego pieces.

All is takes is a liitle creativity to repurpose those leftover Easter items. Until next time, happy homemaking!

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