Spring Into a Cleaning Routine


Have you gotten into a cleaning rut? The key to keeping your home clean is to create routines. Once you make something a habit, doing it almost seems like second nature. For example, take brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t forget to do this daily (or hopefully not). Spring is the perfect time to create new routines. Follow these simple routines, and your home will be spotless in no time!

Once a day.

  • Laundry – Aim for one to two loads a day. And yes, this includes folding and putting it away.
  • Vacuuming – Do a quick vacuum daily to prevent lint and pet hair from accumulating.
  • Counters and sinks – Wipe down all the kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and mirrors daily. This prevents germ build up. I keep a canister of Clorox wipes handy in the kitchen and bathrooms, so clean up is a snap.
  • Dishes – Make sure that all the day’s dishes are done by the end of the night. You can let them air dry overnight, and put them away in the morning.
  • Litter box and pet cage inspection – Inspect all litter boxes and pet cages for messes, and do a quick clean up. This also helps with odor control.

Once a week.

  • Entire housecleaning – Vacuum the floors and rugs thoroughly, mop and dust.
  • Bedding – Change and launder the bedding. Put the freshly laundered bedding right back on the beds so you don’t have to do any folding.
  • Groom the pet(s) – Pet hair is a big source of household dirt. Once a week, bathe your dog(s). Brush your dog(s) and cat(s) with a deshedding tool such as the FURminator. Clean all pet cages and litter boxes thoroughly.

Once a month.

  • Garage – In a lot of cases, the garage is the gateway to the house. If you garage is dirty, it is likely that you are tracking that dirt into the house. Every month, do a thorough sweep of the garage. In the warmer months, hose it down and let it dry.
  • Car(s) – Vacuum your car(s) thoroughly. Wipe down all panels with an interior vehicle cleaner. I use Armor All. Use rug cleaner to clean the mats. I actually put mine in the washer machine on the gentle cycle.
  • Basement – The basement tends to be the default storage area for odds and ends. A lot of people forget about the basement until it is time to move. By cleaning it monthly, you can prevent it from swimming in junk. Sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly, and mop it if possible. Wipe down the outsides of the washers and dryers, and clean the utility sink. Sort through loose odds and ends, and place into one of three piles: keep, donate and toss. For those items you want to keep, organize these into boxes/storage bins. Place the donations in your car so they are ready to go. Toss the other items immediately.

Keeping a home clean seems like a never ending job! Developing and sticking to these routines will help you win the battle. Until next time, happy homemaking!

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