Strive for Five: A Simple Strategy to Help Start Getting Organized


Do you want to start getting more organized? Strive for five a day, and before you know it, you are on your way to getting organized!

Five minute method. The key to getting organized is to develop a regular habit. Start small; a few minutes are better than none. Begin with 5 minutes a day. Even the busiest people can carve out this small chunk of time in their schedule. In 5 minutes, you can accomplish such tasks as organizing a small drawer, filing a small stack of paperwork and many more. You can also choose a larger task, and spread the time across several days. Maybe you have saved pieces of envelopes with addresses; intending to transfer them to an address book. If you start with just five minutes a day, your address book will be updated in only a few days.

Five item method. A big part of getting organized is not just organizing what you have, but getting rid of clutter as well. Every day, make it your goal to get rid of five unnecessary items. Put those old magazines in the recycling bin, shred a pile of junk mail, toss outdated leftovers in the fridge, get rid of old take-out menus, etc. If you have time for more, keep going! The goal is to continue increasing the time spent organizing. Also, consider getting the kids involved. It will help teach them good organizational skills.

Developing a daily habit will help you achieve your long-term organizing goals. Until next time, happy homemaking!

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