A Tip for Making Tax Prep Less Taxing


The paperwork involved with tax prep can be quite overwhelming.. During my days as a professional organizer, many of my clients were frantic during tax season. The necessary receipts and other documents needed for filing their taxes were amidst various piles of paper. Here is a quick tip that will help you stay organized.

Designate a file folder for the upcoming year’s taxes. Since this is the year 2015, the folder should be labeled Taxes 2015. Every time you receive a piece of documentation that would be needed for that year’s taxes, make a copy, and place it in the tax folder. File the original in the appropriate folder in your filing cabinet. That way, everything you need is ready for filing your taxes. If you find this folder getting thick, you can create sub folders (ex. donations, property taxes).

Here’s to a tax season that is less taxing! Until next time, happy homemaking!

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