Winning the War Against Pet Hair


If you own a pet, you know that the battle against pet hair is never ending!
Here are some useful tips to help you keep the pet hair at bay.

Buy a deshedding tool. My favorite deshedding tool is the
FURminator. I would like to note that I am not being paid to endorse this product. The FURminator not only is easy to use, but you get instant results. I remember the first time I used it, I was shocked at how much hair came off my dog. My dog doesn’t look like a shedder, but huge clumps fell off her easily. I also noticed that the amount of time spent daily cleaning up the pet hair was cut by 75 percent! I purchased the FURminator shampoo and received even greater results! If you have a dog, bathe him/her at least once a week. For cats, FURminator offers shampoo and waterless options to accommodate your feline friend’s preferences.
Use a vacuum with a pet hair brush. Many commercial vacuum cleaners offer such attachments. I use my pet hair brush for cleaning the couch cushions, throw pillows and even my bedspread. My favorite vacuum cleaner is the Shark Navigator. Again, this is not a paid endorsement. I also prefer vacuums that are bagless. Not do you save money by not having to buy bags, you can see your results instantly. I find that bagless vacuums don’t retain odors like their counterparts. I also vacuum daily finding that this keeps the pet smell away.

Keep a lint roller in every room.. By doing this, you can easily pick up stray clumps of hair as they appear without having to leave the room. I prefer the lint rollers with tape as I haven’t had much luck with the reusable brushes. I purchase a five pack for it $9.99 at BJ’s Club.

Wet that dust.When you dust, use a wet spray. Dry dusters tend to just spread the dust around. Either use a commercial spray or make your own. Here is one DIY spray to try.

By using these strategies, your home will be virtually hair free! Until next time, happy homemaking!

With this face, how could I not let her on the couch?

With this face, how could I not let her on the couch?

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